Monday, May 8, 2017

Butterfly Creek Adventures

What a fabulous day we had exploring the attractions at Butterfly Creek.  Hungry crocodiles, tarantulas, GIANT weta... dinosaurs!  And so much more.  It was wonderful to see everyone enjoying themselves with the animals.

Check out more of our photos in our Butterfly Creek album.


  1. Hi Room 20 it's Violet here.
    I love the photos of our trip at Butterfly Creek. I loved the crocodiles and bunnies and butterflies. What was your favourite part of the trip? From Violet

  2. Hi room 20
    Butterfly creek was awesome
    I like the crocodile show but it was a bit scary to me .
    Well I hope you had an awesome time too .
    I'm happy for you to tell what did you like and your opinions about butterfly creek.


  3. Hi room 20
    My favourite place was the butterfly enclosure. I liked watching the fish in the stream while waiting for the butterflies to land on me. I also liked the bright, colourful and tropical room because it felt like you were outside on a hot summers day. What was your favourite place?
    From Sophia

  4. Hi room 20,
    I really enjoyed butterfly creek.My favorite animal was the hamsters. What was yours? And my favorite place was the animals and the butterfly house.What was yours?
    From Maddi

  5. Hi room 20!
    Your trip to Butterefly Creek was so awesome!
    My favourite animal was the Vast White Rabbits.What was yours?
    By:Miqi Rm 23

  6. Hello room 20 hope you all had a great time at butterfly creek. What did you like the best room 20? My favourite was the Dino kingdom.

  7. Hello Room20 I hope you all enjoyed butterfly Creek I enjoyed looking at the crocodile show how about you Rebecca Room 20

  8. hi Room 20! hope you all had a great time at butterfly creek ! I had a great time at butterfly creek! i loved feeding the ducks! they ate the lettuce as fast as i could give it to them! I had tons of fun! Nathan


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