Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Our Classroom is Growing

Room 20 had on their scientist hats today as they explored the world of seeds.

Some of our notes so far...

We are learning about seeds and how plants grow we did a lot of work until the morning to afternoon.

Oscar made these predictions

I think the seeds white bit is the root.

I think tomorrow or next week the seeds might turn into seedlings.

I think the seeds will absorb the water to grow.

We have been planting a lot of seeds and right now we are gardening with real dirt and real seeds this is the first time for year threes!!!!!!

We have been learning about how living things grow . I have made prediction about the plants we had made .
If anyone wants to make organic sweet and spicy mix
Or mung beans we have instructions just for you!
We also noticed that some little brown seeds from the mix rose to the surface of the water .
We had lots of fun!


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  1. Wow! This does look amazing! We did great writing the instructions together. We understand that scientists have lots to do and to share.


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