Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Can Paper Hold Water?

Not everyone can turn on a tap and have access to water.  We are used to this in New Zealand but for a lot of people it is not this easy.  Many need to carry water from it's source to their home.

Our challenge:  Can you build/create a container using paper that can hold water?

Our strategies and results: 

Thomas - We tried to make lots of layers of paper but it didn't look like a cup so we changed our design, but then we ran out of time.

Jayde - It wasn't easy at first until we got the hang of it.  Watching a video made it easier to understand.

Iris - We put water from the tap into the paper box.

Oscar:  We had to put loads of layers to make it stronger so that it could hold more water.

Sophia: It was hard when I started but when I tried again it got easier.

We had to make lots of layers of the paper but it didn't make it strong, we needed to use tape.  At the start I felt nervous, but after I felt quite interested and thought my design was good.

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