Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Exploring Ocean Depths

What an amazing day Room 20 had at the Auckland Museum.  We were welcomed by Josh and Muriel who were some of the wonderful people that hosted us.  
What is a predator?  Why do sharks have lots of teeth?  What can we do to look after sea turtles?  How do some sea creatures protect themselves?  
Room 20 can answer these questions and so much more after our Wonders of the Sea lesson.

View our Wonders of the Sea album for more highlights of the day. 


  1. Amazing, it looks like Room 20 had the most wonderful, informative trip.

    1. It really was a fantastic adventure! Lots of things to see, touch, and explore. We even became scientists, needing to use lab coats and protective glasses.

  2. It was an awesome trip! I could see the children had so much fun learning about the Wonders of the Sea. I had a great time too, thanks for having me :-) Margaret

  3. We loved having you on our trip too. We're glad you had a good time and hope you learnt lots. Which place at the museum was your favourite?

    Elly and Miss Ginders


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